Good Smile Company Nendoroid Shelves

If you’re a fan of Nendoroids, you know that these cute collectible figurines can quickly take over your home if you’re not careful. Finding a good storage solution is essential for keeping your Nendoroids organized and safe. Here are five ideas for storing your Nendoroid collection:

  1. Use a display shelf: Display shelves are a great way to showcase your Nendoroids while keeping them organized. Look for a shelf with adjustable shelves or dividers so you can customize the layout to fit your collection.
  2. Invest in storage boxes: Storage boxes are an excellent way to keep your Nendoroids safe and organized. Look for boxes with dividers or compartments to help you keep your Nendoroids separate and prevent them from getting damaged.
  3. Use acrylic stands: Acrylic stands are a clear, lightweight option for displaying and storing your Nendoroids. These stands are easy to set up and can be placed on a shelf or desk to show off your collection.
  4. Repurpose a cabinet or bookcase: If you have a spare cabinet or bookcase, consider using it to store your Nendoroids. This is a great option if you have a larger collection and need more storage space.
  5. Create your own storage solution: If you’re handy and have some spare time, consider creating your own storage solution for your Nendoroids. You could use foam board or PVC pipe to make custom dividers or racks to fit your specific collection.

No matter what storage solution you choose, the most important thing is to find something that works for you and your collection. By keeping your Nendoroids organized and safe, you can enjoy them for years to come.