Dear Customers,

We wanted to make you aware that we have just been notified of a minor delay in new products arriving in our store due to recent changes within the UK Customs regulations surrounding Brexit. Shipments are currently being cleared at a lower speed to normal due to new customs requirements so we have been told to expect minor delays of up to 1 week. Any items which were expected to arrive during the last week of December 2021 we now do not expect to clear customs and arrive in our store until the end of the first week of January 2022.

Unfortunately with this matter being out of our control we will do our best to keep you informed of any updates we receive from both the customs department and our shipping partners.

If anyone needs to contact us in relation to this matter please send us a message using the contact form found on our store site.

Thank you all for your support!


UPDATE: 11/01/2022

We have received an update from the customs agency, our shipment containing the following products is currently in queue to be cleared this week and should be released to our store during 17th – 21st January 2021:

Nendoroid Shinsuke Kita

Pop Up Parade Amaterasu