Good Smile Company is a Japanese toy and figure manufacturer that has gained worldwide recognition for their highly detailed and collectible Nendoroids. Founded in 2001, Good Smile Company has become a leading producer of anime and video game figures, known for their dedication to quality and attention to detail.

In addition to their popular Nendoroids, Good Smile Company also offers a range of other figures, including figmas and scale figures. They also have a line of model kits and other hobby products that are perfect for collectors and fans of anime, video games, and other pop culture franchises.

If you’re looking for the best in collectible anime and video game figures, then look no further than Good Smile Company. From their iconic Nendoroids to their wide selection of other figures and hobby products, there’s something for every collector at Good Smile Company. Nendoworld are an official partner store of Good Smile Company and specialise in everything Nendoroid related. We also offer other figures from Good Smile Company such as figma figures, POP UP PARADE and scale statues.