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Nendoroids are a series of collectable figures manufactured by Good Smile Company.

They are produced in ABS and PVC and are designed in a ‘chibi’ style. Common features of a ‘chibi’ style are a large head and small body to give the appearance of a small cute design.

Small and excellent quality

Nendoroids are extremely popular for their accessories and they are small enough to carry with you in your bag. With the average height of a Nendoroid being just 10 cm what the figure may lack in height certainly does not mean it lacks in quality!

Various themes to collect

Many people have desktop collections of their Nendoroids depicting their favourite anime’s, manga’s, video games or movies.

Endless possibilities

The poses you can achieve with Nendoroids are fantastic. Not only can you create small poses with the accessories provided but using your figure in conjunction with scenery and other small accessories (often sold separately) you can bring your Nendoroid to life.

Expression face parts included with Nendoroids as well as body parts can often be swapped throughout the Nendoroid collection. This provides a wide range of customisation to the Nendoroid collector. Users can swap and mix face parts and also the accessories to create their perfect figure and scene.

Face Swap Parts

Whilst most Nendoroids are manufactured by Good Smile Company often the subsidiary brands of Good Smile Company such as Max Factory, FREEing and Orange Rouge are involved in the production of the figure. You may notice their company logo’s on the front of the Nendoroid packaging.

Where to buy?

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